I'm a front end web developer with six years of experience based in east central Illinois. I build websites, applications and user interfaces. Check out some of my work and maybe try to contact me if you have questions.



The language of the web.


The aesthetic of the web.


The rigging of the web.


JavaScript Libraries

These open source bundles expand and streamline your JavaScript development.

A staple that consolidates all the power of JavaScript into a streamlined, multi-purpose framework.
A strong framework meant for organizing and stirring data.
A powerful tool for adding scrolling effects to a web page.
Feature detection library. Allows a developer to add fallbacks if a certain browser feature isn't present.
Green Sock Animation Platform
A JavaScript animation library that specializes in control and performance.

CSS Frameworks

To standardize and reset your CSS in a smart, repeatable way, start with one of these popular frameworks. You'll save time by not having to reinvent the wheel while expanding your toolset.

My preferred CSS framework granting responsiveness and accessbility. Includes navigation, basic fonts, glyphs, fun animations, and many more useful features.
A framework made by Twitter which provides its own grid system and other tools. This one is also very good and sometimes better than Groundwork.

CSS Preprocessors

While CSS is a core technology, it's slow to write each rule and definition piece by piece. To speed up the work, every developer should consider a preprocessor. Your CSS becomes extendable, more maintanable, and modular.

Easy, dry, and powerful preprocessor commonly used with Node.js applications.
Popular amoung the PHP and Ruby crowd. I use this when Stylus isn't easily available.
Another popular choice, hailing again from the Node.js realm.


Responsive web sites and applications

The mobile web is growing, and more and more users are accessing the internet in more ways than a desktop computer. Not only do you have mobile devices, but there are also tablets, televisions, and portable game systems. I've been on the front lines when it comes to adapting to the changing web, and understand what it takes to keep an application accessible.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript has become the universal language of the web. It is an integral part of most web applications on both the client and the server.

I've built several custom libraries, modules and helpers for the websites and applications I've worked on. I'm used to writing code in both an object oriented and functional way. Over the years, I've gotten used to working within a team and leaving documentation and communicate with other developers to coordinate workflow.

Performance Profiling

The web stretches further, and as a result some users are connecting with 3G speeds that don't have the latency or bandwidth we are used to. The trends in development now are focused in optimization: how to make our web applications render quickly with as few resources and requests as possible.

This involves combining similar scripts and stylesheets together so the browser makes fewer requests. For example, you can "minify" code to reduce file sizes, meaning a reduced download time. My recent study has been learning specific techniques to reduce load times and keep sites and applications running smoothly.


With CSS3 and stronger JavaScript libraries, animations have come a long way. Animation can be difficult, even the simplest things can cause what is called "jank", the term given when your animation doesn't reach a smooth 60 frames per second. Understanding different animation techniques and keeping jank away are all key to a web animator. Studying animation at Parkland College also helps when refining certain details and adding emphasis.


Women's Health Practice

A static, responsive website meant for Women's Health Practice in Champaign, Illinois. Using primarily Groundwork and jQuery, it's loaded with information and content. I made a few things custom here, such as the banner, the twitter widget on the homepage, and the accordion system for organizing related topics. You can see it live at

Bacon's Windows & Doors

Another static, responsive website for a window and glass seller in Champaign and Springfield Illinois. A lot of work went into making the tile framework. It uses animations and HTML5 history states to give the user a multi-page feel while keeping all information on one page. This site was released in March of 2014 and you can see it at Uses Groundwork, jQuery, and Green Sock Animation Platform.


2wav's website was redone last year, with the primary goal to use a parallax scrolling effect. I inserted skrollr and went to work. You can see it live at


This iPad app is meant to be a tool to help designers select colors based on keywords of their project. It was made with PhoneGap, with most of the work being done in JavaScript. The app is currently for sale in the Apple Store.

ECI Score

SCORE supports small business with workshops, resources and support in chapters across the country. The chapter in east central Illinois asked us to make a Drupal 7 site that was also responsive and connected users with counselors. You can see it live at

Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media was looking for a new website, so 2wav built a Drupal site for them. Part of homepage featured a sliding banner that would highlight Pavlov's best features and services. I created this using CSS3 animations and a library called Sequence. You can see it live at


Questions? Comments?

Twitter: @MFICBacon